For R.E. Agents

Seminars for RE Agents




We offer to our Students three formats of Commercial Real Estate courses:


A. One-Day Overview: The course introduces the students to the general topics needed by emerging Residential Agents to understand the Commercial Real Estate practice.


B. 2-Day Introductory Course:   This course extends beyond basic general knowledge to include “in-depth” understanding of the 10 main topics involving the foundation knowledge to practice Commercial Real Estate. The material includes many related subjects such as Property Management, Exit Strategies, Using Financial Models, Syndications, etc.)


C. Advanced Topics in Commercial RE Practice: This Class is essential for Agents who took serious steps in perusing Commercial RE Practice. The topics discussed include methods to secure listings and Exclusive Buyer’s Representations, Commercial Leases and other topics needed by the practicing Commercial Professional (please refer to Course Outline in the “Available Classes” page on this website)


Throughout the three Courses, we yield to highly regarded experts in their fields such as Guest Speakers such as Attorneys and CPAs with proven track records as practitioners and educators as well.


D. Coaching & Mentoring: : In addition to the above Classes, we offer Residential Agents, one-on-one mentoring (or small group coaching). These services are available and can be evaluated on a case by case basis.