Boot Camp

Course Description


This comprehensive 3-day Boot-Camp, assumes some reasonable familiarity with Commercial RE. The emphasis in this class is comprehensive review questions at the end of each Segment.


This Boot Camp emphasizes the application of the topics learned to a real-life Case Studies. The Boot-Camp includes 4 Case Studies as well as extensive practice of using Software Financial Models to analyze Commercial Properties considered for purchase.


Topics discussed:

–  Overview of Commercial R.E. Investments

–  Valuation Methods of Commercial R.E.

–  Return on Investment Formulas & Calculations

–  Case Study: Multi-Family / Mixed Use

–  Developing Marketing Packages & Set-up-Sheets

–  Depreciation and After Tax Calculations

–  Identifying Investment Opportunities for Purchase

–  Forms of Investment Groups & Syndications (The Business Side)

–  Overview of Property Management for Real Estate Agents

–  Advanced Methods in using Financial Models for Investment Optimization

–  Tax Deferrals & Rules of Exchange