Our Message

Dear prospect Agents and Investors:


For the current market in particular; and for almost all market conditions, the value of informed decisions, can make the difference between success and failure of an investment.


When you review the main components in our investment model (Analysis, Management, Rehabilitation and Capital), you may realize that a successful investment requires more than an offer and acceptance! ​​​
As your Instructor, during the past 33 years a good amount of time and resources to optimize these components even before acquiring the assets for my investment groups. Actually, optimizing these resources was the key reason in creating a systematic vehicle for generating income and creating value simultaneously for my investors.​


Accordingly, the flow of our three key classes emphasizes how an investor (Seller or buyer) thinks and sometimes worries about the right evaluation of a property, what are the key elements in managing the investment (physically and financially), and, most importantly, defining strategies to realize the highest returns on investments.


In summary, Understanding this “thought process” of an investor, must take precedence over the selling techniques because it has to be understood very well before selling anything to anybody!!




Samuel Y. Ayoub,
Instructor, Commercial Real Estate Academy