For Investors

Seminars for Investors




Special emphasis is placed on educating investors (Sellers and Buyers) to the point that we placed as the first item in “Our Vision”.


Many of the topics needed by Agents are irrelevant to investors (such as creating computer models for presentations, preparation of prospectuses,etc.)


The Seminars for investors, however, will be structured in such a manner that helps them, through some specialized legal counsels, to minimize their liabilities and properly structure their ownership entities.


In addition, investors should be made aware of certain tax consequences associated with their real estate holdings. We will ensure that well recognized CPAs prepare and present to them the proper advices.


However, and from the business point of view, we will present to them with the fundamentals of analyzing a property for acquisition or evaluating their strategies to re-position or dispose of an under-performing assets.


Another critical area where we can provide guidance to investors; is Property Management and how to evaluate performance of a property been currently managed.


The outline of investors’ seminars and the contemplated place(s) for such seminars are not finalized yet due to the logistics associated with these events and the schedules of the participating instructors.