Our Vision

Backbone of Economy

Investors are the backbone of economic progress. They take risk while others prefer watching from the sideline. They are simply; the “movers and shakers” of even in a “lazy” economy. We undoubtedly believe that legitimate investors deserve the utmost level education in order to make the right decisions.


Buying at the best prices & terms, and selling at the highest values the market allows; are only two of the three essential steps to any successful investment. We firmly believe that management of the investment is a third and vital element in investments and, is often overlooked.


Educated and well-informed investors are the true assets of any company because they tend to stay, multiply and provide the best advertising for the company.


Buying real property should make “cash-flow sense” before making an “equity appreciation sense”. Simply put; a cash-flowing asset tends to survive market fluctuations better than a highly leveraged asset.

Art & Science

Equity build-up and cash flow projections; are neither “the science of math”, nor “the art of forecasting”. It is definitely a “blend” of art and science.


As an ultimate sophisticated investor concluded after half a century of experience: “there must be wisdom in buying, when everyone else is selling” … Warren Buffett. Simply; wealth is made in the down-cycles of real estate more often than during market up-cycles.


We understand that there will be always an associated element of risk with any investment. However, there is a fundamental difference between a “calculated” risk and a “Gambling -type” risk!


They often say, “think big, and move fast”. We advise: think big, do your homework, then move fast. Even, one of the most spectacular creatures, the shark, had to do his homework / tour, before going for his target!